Being Authentic Is Impossible but Happiness is Not

Happiness is possible. (Photograph by the author)

Being creative is easy. Go to an arts and crafts store, buy some kind of crafting kit, and make some art. Or take a picture and post it on social media.

Being original is unavoidable. As much as we want the comfort of being like everyone else, and in many ways, we are all alike, we are unique beings. We are all original. We don’t have to try to be original. Any trying is about avoiding our originality so that we don’t seem weird.

Having integrity, or being truthful with yourself, is hard.

Authenticity, acting on one’s own native sensibilities, is nearly impossible.

However, if you blend creativity, originality, integrity, and your best shot at being authentic, it’s possible to achieve happiness. It all hinges on authenticity, and authenticity is fostered by being in nature and contemplating the nature of your being.




A conduit of nonduality culture since 1998.

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Jerry Katz

Jerry Katz

A conduit of nonduality culture since 1998.

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