I find it difficult to photograph geology in a way that pleases me. Look at this picture:

This photograph doesn’t do anything for me. (Photo by the author)

It doesn’t do anything for me. I love being in the presence of geological structures and walking over the rocks. I can’t capture the experience in a photograph to my satisfaction.

I’m drawn to that which flows: water, sand, clouds, grass, trees, things that move in the wind, as in this photograph duplicated from yesterday’s writing:

Things that move in the wind. (Photo by the author)

Geological structures are sometimes essential to a good photograph when they are not the main subject:

People and water are in constant motion. (Photo by the author)

The geology adds stability to the wild waters and the girl who is in constant motion like every other person or living thing.

When geology is part of a photograph whose other components I love, I tend to show that love to the geology.

This is why we need things to love. They make the hard-to-love beautiful.

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